Bais Sholom of South Riverdale

Membership in SDC is set at $25 per year, as, historically, there has been little in the way of overhead costs.  All services are provided on a volunteer basis, and dues are used mostly to purchase religious articles needed for services.  The location is a private home, provided to the SDC by the residents free of charge.  Until recently, the SDC never solicited funds. (Even those desiring membership are advised that they will receive the same kibbudim and notices if they choose to remain non-member attendees).  With the start of the current effort at on-line dissemination of religious materials, however, the SDC has now begun to accept financial support of its projects, as this website indicates. 

As of 2017, the SDC has also initiated a Chesed Fund, so that it can answer the call from those individuals whose dire circumstances mandate a generous and open-hearted response from SDC congregants, or other local residents.