Bais Sholom of South Riverdale

In 2016, the SDC took a major step forward in the area of Torah learning.  For the first time, the minyan had available to it the great talent of Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblatt, shlita, a neighbor, friend and guide to most of its members and participants, whose recent retirement after three decades of service at a major synagogue, freed him to answer the call of SDC members for his involvement.   He has begun providing divrei Torah (sermons) on Saturday and Yom Tov mornings, and shiurim (classes) at certain afternoon services.  In addition, the SDC has begun sponsoring classes given by Rabbi Rosenblatt “off-campus,” in the homes of members or at some public venues in the area.  These are extremely well attended, drawing on participants who live farther away, as well as on SDC members.    

Because the classes given by Rabbi Rosenblatt have evoked such a groundswell of enthusiasm, the SDC has undertaken to make them as widely available as possible.  The classes which are not given on Shabbos or yom tov are recorded and will be made available to the public through links on this site to one of the Rabbi’s own websites.  The SDC’s web presence has been established for the purpose of ensuring that its services are known to all who can benefit, as well as for the purpose of spreading instruction in Torah that is in consonance with traditional Orthodox Jewish values and concepts.